Setting Up Your Xvideos Account

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So you’re all set up to be an Xvideos amateur channel, but you’ve no idea where to go from there?

It’s pretty easy to get setup on Xvideos, though it may take a few days to complete the whole process of verification and application to become an amateur channel. Here’s the direct link to get you started to becoming an Xvideos amateur.

First Amateur Porn

Okay, so what next on your journey to being an Xvideos amateur?

Whether you have videos you’re already excited to upload or not, hold off for a quick second, alright? Let’s start from square one so that those videos are actually going to be seen, and gain you valuable subscribers keen to watch every last one of your videos.

Complete your about section

This is pretty basic, but seriously, some people put no time and effort into it at all. Who are you? What are you about? What are your kinks? Why should people watch your videos? While you don’t need to go overboard, provide a thorough description. People like watching people more who they feel more in touch with. When people view our Xvideos profile they get a sense of who we are, and that we’re a couple making real homemade porn, having sex just as we would without the cameras on. For those who like real porn – rather than commercial porn with all its faked orgasms and all – they eat this up.

Banner and Logo

You’re going to need a nice looking banner and logo to go on your profile page. If you’re a visual person, awesome, you’re covered. If you’re not, head on over to our services section, or shoot us an email to see how we can help you make a bad ass banner and logo that makes people just want to see more. The logo will also be beneficial in branding your content – from custom intros and outros to watermarking your videos.


Before we even started uploading videos we added a bunch of photos. This was great as we started making friends before we posted videos; by adding a ton of great sexy photos it made people intrigued, subscribing to us straight away. That meant when we started adding videos we already had a ton of fans just craving our content.

Amateur Porn

Make friends!

This is one of the most crucial parts to get real views on your videos. MAKE FRIENDS! You can search profiles by many different filters, and Xvideos will let you add several hundred friends per day. My easiest trick to doing this is by searching users, right clicking each one, opening it in a new tab, then when I have a decent number of tabs open going to each one, clicking the plus button (to the left hand side where their bio is) and hitting add friends. This is the fastest way I’ve found, but can still take hours. Don’t have the time to do it? No worries, I can handle monotonous tasks. Contact us to help you with this tedious yet necessary part of the job.


Xvideos will allow you a link to your website (whether that be a personal site, ManyVids, Clips4Sale, an affiliate link, whatever) which will be displayed in your banner on your profile page. They also let you have a link beneath each video. It’s worth it to add links in both of these – whatever you’ve got! Don’t have anything? Why not sign up for Chaturbate’s affiliate program to earn a couple extra bucks?

Upload those videos!

Now that you’ve got a bit of a following, it’s time to start uploading videos! Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to best film, lighting and angle advice, when to upload, and much more!


xvideos amateur

WEBSITE – What to do if you don’t have a website but want to sign up?

We wanted to add one final thought, as a few people have inquired about it. What do you give Xvideos for your website if you don’t have one? Head on over to Chaturbate and sign up for their affiliate program. Once you’re approved, grab your link and shrink it using TinyURL. Now use that new link for your Xvideos website. Now Xvideos is happy, and if people click your link and sign up for Chaturbate – bonus points! – you get some commission. You can add other websites at any time when you’re ready.

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13 Responses to Setting Up Your Xvideos Account

  1. Prashant Kashayp says:

    Hello sir,
    I am Prashant kashyap from India, I have ENLARGE PENIS SIZE Medicine, and some sex toy. I want run advertise on xvideo site all india. whats the steps to work with xvideo. please share basic estimate of it…
    Thank you”

  2. Hello,
    My profile verification is failed let me know what should I do to get suceed in the verification..

  3. Swetha9888 says:

    What is url for mobile and 2257 record (url)

    Please tell me how do I fill the form for applying making xvideo channel

  4. varun says:

    Hi dear i need some info. About xvideo channel pls give me your contact info and send me email

    My gmail

  5. OMG it’s killing me I got everything close to together sluts studio area , so here it is I’m recently verified then as I’m fallowing the steps on Xvideos it’s says get verified then apply for channel as I’m filling out the application 3rd maybe 4th line asks about a website u probably think I’m dumb af but I tried Xvideos lol they made it clear and quick that’s not what I’m supposed to put there.
    So any info would be awesome thank you

    • danie_ditz says:

      Hey there! For website if you don’t have one the easiest thing to do is head on over to Chaturbate (or another platform with an affiliate program) and sign up to be an affiliate. Make it a tiny url, and use that as your website. Now Xvideos is happy, and if people click you can get commission through Chaturbate 🙂

  6. Tyrone699 says:

    I like your porn very much

  7. jeffry45 says:

    please let me know, what should i fill in the name of my website. and what is meant by url 2257

  8. Simon Couls says:

    New subject about an xvideos account….

    I have 6tb in Dropbox that i dont want to download just to upload to xvideos….

    I see a section in the upload a video page for a URL but it will not accept my dropbox link:

    does this work or how should i modify it? xHampster take the link and it is fast…. really fast compared to download and upload. FTP?

    • danie_ditz says:

      Sadly the only way I know on Xvideos is one at a time – they aren’t the most advanced in that regard! Good luck!

  9. david says:

    how do I upload a new profile video? I upload the image then nothing happens. Please help!

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