How To Control Your Breath for Better Sex

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Having sex is good for your health and, naturally, it also feels absolutely amazing. But did you know that there are some simple tricks you can apply to make sexual intercourse feel even better? Sure, we all know that watching adult movies can get you in the right mood. Or how introducing an exciting sex toy such as a vibrating cock ring into your bedroom can spice up your relationship. Some people even know that there are certain foods that are good for sex. The problem is, however, that all these methods are forms of external stimulation. And although they work great, people often tend to forget about their most powerful weapon when it comes to better sex: their mind.

When it comes to sexual pleasure, your most powerful asset is your mind. Most of us have heard about physical sex exercise before that help you achieve better orgasms or longer sex. However, sex exercise for the mind is less known. Luckily for us, there are several ways in which you can train, or trick, your mind for enhancing your sexual performance and pleasure. And although it might sound silly, one of the most powerful ways to control your mind is through your breathing. By controlling your breathing patterns, you can enjoy better and longer sex and stronger orgasms.

We may not often think about it, but no matter what kind of physical exercise we engage in, breathing plays an important role. When you’re walking up the stairs, pumping iron, or having sex – controlling your breath truly is essential. One of the biggest breathing mistakes many of us make, whether it’s during exercise or sex, is to hold our breath. By doing so, our body and mind do not get the needed oxygen to work in an optimal way. This, in turn, leads to lower results and less satisfaction. Once you know how to control your breath for better sex, you and your partner will be able to experience an entirely new euphoria. Below, we’ll have a look at the best breathing exercise for better sex. And luckily for us, they aren’t even all that difficult!

What are the benefits of sex breathing exercise

Knowing how to control your breath leads to major benefits both physically and psychologically. By breathing in a consciously controlled manner you can, for instance, overcome muscle tension and resistance. Once you know how to synchronize your breath, it becomes easier to relax for your body and mind. This, in turn, makes it easier and more enjoyable to have both regular and anal sex.

There is, however, so much more to breathing exercise than just relaxation. By breathing in the right way, you ensure that your body and mind get enough air. As mentioned above, most people like to hold their breath during exercise or sex. When doing so, your body does not get enough air which, in the case of sex, may lead to a softer erection or drop in arousal. Naturally, this leads to shorter and less enjoyable sex. Knowing how to breath in the right way allows you to keep up your erection, delay your orgasm, and thus prolong your sex. This, by itself, will treat you to a stronger and more powerful climax at the end.

How to control your breath for better sex:

By controlling your breath in the right way, you truly can lift your sexual experience to entirely new heights. Controlling your breath is essential for good sex. Luckily for us, it’s not all that difficult. Below, we have listed down three simple steps for you to follow that allows you to have better and more intense sex.

Take long deep breaths: the basics of sex breathing exercise are pretty much the same as those that you’re being taught during your first yoga class. Those of you who have done yoga before surely remember how your instructor told you to breathe from your abdomen. The trick in doing so is to use your stomach muscles for pulling air into your body. At first, this breathing technique might seem a little bit tricky, however, after a while, it will come naturally. Once you have mastered this basic breathing technique, you’ll feel better during sex and also in every-day life.

Synchronize your breathing: now that you have learned how to breathe through your abdomen, the next step is to synchronize your breathing. We understand that, during sex, the last thing you want to do is keep count and focusing on your breath, however, believe us when we say it’s totally worth it! For sex, the best breathing pattern is to inhale slowly for 5 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, and exhale for 7 seconds. Once you have exhaled all the air, pause for one or two seconds before breathing in again. Try to set this pattern as your guideline and synchronize your breathing with your partner for more intimate sex.

Slow your breathing down: throughout the sexual act, try to maintain the breathing pattern as explained above. However, once you are getting close to the moment of climax, slow down your breathing and simply surf the sensational feeling and experience. Many of us may not know it, but your breathing style has a direct influence on your orgasm. It is normal for a person to start breathing heavier or faster at the moment of climax. Some may even hold their breath. The truth is, however, that this significantly lowers the experienced sensations. The secret of a powerful orgasm lies in controlling your breath by slowing it down at the right moment. Doing so allows you to delay your orgasm which makes it more powerful and intense.

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