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“How did you get into porn?”

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I hesitate for a moment. Think, think, think. How did we get into porn? I couldn’t pinpoint the conversation. I had no idea what made us take the leap. All I really knew is we were both turned on by the thought of others watching our videos, and hey, bonus cash for having sex. Why wouldn’t we get into porn?

So hi there, we’re Danie and Ry, a young couple who began making porn a mere month ago at time of writing (which would be May of 2018). We strictly make porn together, and don’t perform live on webcam or anything like that. Nah, we like filming ourselves and knowing after the fact we’re being watched. There’s nothing wrong with having sex live, it just isn’t our kink. It turns us off rather than on. But having those cameras on… knowing we get to edit and make this amazing video while we have intimate amazing sex as we would without the cameras… yeah, that’s a turn on.

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I guess that was the whole point. There was never a conversation about how we could generate more income where we came up with the brilliant idea of porn. Rather, we are incredibly open with one another about our sexual desires, and somewhere along the line it came up that being filmed and knowing people are going to watch us fuck was a giant turn on to us both. So why not give it a go and make a few bucks in the process?

So here we are. We are DanieLuv, and we aim to both tell you our tales, our ups and downs, and our success in the porn industry – albeit a different one than you might imagine as it’s all done only with our own partner, homemade – and share all the information we learn on how to succeed. So read on, dear future porn stars, and let us teach you how to make money doing what you love.

Disclaimer: Please don’t make porn because you need extra cash. Do it because it excites you and you love it. The cash is just bonus.

xoxo Danie and Ry

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